Wine & Your Senses

I live wine. I don’t want to speak, taste or write about wine..
We do want something more, we want to live wine and its huge world, through our senses and experiences.

The Concept

My project aims to expand the perception of the world of wine to make you feel part of it, pleased, everything can be easier than it looks. The world of wine has to be shared, through a mouth that drinks or speaks.

Thinking about my complex country, the italian wine is crowned by rich history, fascinating art, wonderful landscape and amazing local gastronomy.
Behind the label of a bottle of Barolo or Chianti Classico, you have soil, weather, wind, experience, tradition, technology, passion: a huge world with infinite facades; tradition and modernity go hand in hand.
So why can you smell ripe prune in a wine from Pomerol, Bordeaux? Why does grape of Malvasia have a more aromatic power than a Trebbiano or a Silvaner?
Tasting a sip of wine, we see how our palate identifies different sensations and flavours, so we understand that every different wine is the result of a unique Terroir.

What do we have behind a sip of wine? We use our five senses to perceive emotions, even unexpected ones, such as the nostalgia for the perfume of the blackberry jam, made by our grandma or a walk through the blooming field of Alps in May.

Wine & Your Senses is about exploring wine through our senses to generate perceptions, simple like that. It’s something we should always do, approaching to a wine or going in a winery. Our mind is totally involved. This is the juice of my thoughts.
How do we use our senses in our routine, in our journeys or in a glass of wine? What does really happen in our mind? A complete wine experience is based on these topics and became more real when you can use your mind, memory, actions, your participation.

Involving, discovering, understanding, watching, smelling, drinking and eating, together with the omnipresent smile and gratitude are my way to approach wine. So please start reading my tastings and interviews to Italian wine producers that really believe in all their efforts or read a flavour of the wine trip I had in Canary Islands.

My History

Besides my passion and experience, Serena based everything on studies and professionalism.
My “love affair” with wine and vines finds its roots in the gorgeous Tuscany and is marked by the year 2009 when I attended the courses of AIS, Italian Association of Sommeliers.
I was coming from Linguistic studies in Cremona, my hometown, followed by my graduation with honours at the University of Science of Arts and Performance and a Master in Institutional Advertising, Multimedia Communication and Creation of Events, obtained in Florence.

I eventually dropped my old career as an event organiser to become a full-time professional Sommelier, moving to Sicily for working in the Michelin starred restaurant Il Cappero, in the marvelous Therasia Resort, continued after that with The Gilbert Scott, a renown restaurant in London. Further on I was back to Tuscany, at the wine resort Conti di San Bonifacio, as Head Sommelier, organiser of the wine list, wine tours and wine tastings.

With the strong intention to expand my knowledge over international wines, I went back to London, as assistant Head Sommelier in Orrery and subsequently I follow the new opening of Sartoria restaurant, both part of D&D London group.

I am now happy to be back to my loved Tuscany, where I am shaping up “Wine & Your Senses”, my own project, expression of my true passion and love for the world of wines and working as Chianti Dept Assistant Manager in Florencetown Company.

I always felt like a sponge, thirsty of knowledge, happy to learn, see and experience. In the discovery of wine, my approach is the same. Now I would like to share my ideas with wine lovers and clients with clear, simple and involving concepts.

I travelled from Bordeaux to Rioja, from USA to Asia, and all round the Canary Islands to discover and learn about lands, people and wine. This felt me closer to habits, customs and way of thinking of people from many different countries and cultures.
I deepened Californian wines thanks to dozens to visits I organised in Sonoma, Napa and Central Valley. We never end up learning this wine world.

My winning assets are my contagious passion, my wide smile and my will to share which are the foundations of Wine & Your Senses.

Serena speaks..